We had one of those weekends where we didn’t do much, but it still felt like a lot happened. First an old dear friend came to visit. Such a treat – I haven’t seen Cam for well over a decade, and he’s just the same as ever. It’s nice to know in a sea of change that there are always some constants.  In between napping (me) and dog walking, we caught up and planned for the next trip when both Cam and my friend Alice will be coming to visit. Yay!

On Sunday afternoon we went to Whiskers’n’Paws for their puppy adoption party so that Meimei could get a chance to play with some fellow puppies and also so Deuce could get a long overdue grooming.

There were puppies and doglets of all sizes, running around and playing.

Meimei however, found this all a bit much, and spent her time either running away from any puppy wanting to play with her, or hiding between my legs.

There was another black fluffy puppy that looked like the same sort of mix as Meimei, just a slightly butcher version (a little boy, when I looked properly).  You can see his ears in the photo, and another puppy’s tail.  Meimei just hid under me or David.  Not quite what I thought would happen but I guess socialising with just one dog isn’t the same as with a bunch of others.  My mom had a saying for this kind of behaviour – roughly translated it’s “A little dragon at home, outside a sniffly little bug”.  Basically Meimei is a rough and tumble little girl at home – tormenting Deuce and running around like a crazy thing, but outside, she’s a timid little thing. Hopefully as we take her out more and more she’ll get used to other dogs and people.


Deuce of course hated being groomed – I think he takes it as a personal insult if anyone tries to remove debris or gunk from his person.  He did come out looking very clean and tidy with a dapper little tartan kerchief.  LOL he looks, as usual, most unimpressed.

We also took the two to our local park on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Sunday was incredibly foggy – looking out our window the past few days, it’s been impossible to differentiate the water from the sky. It’s all a whitish blur. You can see how low the clouds are hanging.

This ‘Work in Progress’ sign is rather curious -not sure what exactly they are doing, or not doing to the expanse of grass.

Meimei seemed to really enjoy her time in the park, despite a small incident with a curious French Bulldog who chased her when she ran away in fright since he thought she was playing with him. There is a patch of dirt in the big grassy area that Deuce loves to roll around in. He very rarely rolls around in stuff, but this patch seemed to be his siren song. He got well and truly icky rolling around in the dirt (this was before his grooming so we weren’t too bothered by it) and was quite pleased with himself.

Here are the two monkeys playing fetch with DH – well, Meimei playing fetch until Deuce joins them and they play run-after-it-but-make-papa-go-pick-it-up which is classic Deuce.

Blueberry I think has started to drop and I can feel her in my pelvic area. So now I am truly waddling as walking normally has become rather uncomfortable. Three more weeks to go…

Second Antenatal Class – even more YEURGHHHH!

My mom keeps telling me that the antenatal classes are good – if only so DH can understand and see for himself the whole hooha of pregnancy and delivery. He has this terrible habit that makes me absolutely nuts – if you’ve seen the Wedge Salad episode of Modern Family where Phil spends the entire episode trying to figure out why his wife Claire is so mad at him… well, that’s me & DH in a nutshell. It goes like this:

Me: Hey you should totally try this – it’s really yummy/cool/useful.
DH (having never seen, tried, tasted or heard of what I’m suggesting): No way, yuck/not cool/not useful, I don’t like it. Too expensive/weird/strange. Not going to try it.
Me: [shrugs shoulders].

Days, weeks, months later…

DH (all excited): So and so told me about X that is yummy/cool/useful so I gave it a go – and it is! You should totally try it.
Me: ……(breathing through flared nostrils)
DH: What’s wrong?
Me: ……(counting to ten)
Me: You mean the yummy/cool/useful thing I suggested before? That you were like ‘no way, yuck, gross, waste of money yadda yadda yadda?
DH: …. ummm..

The whole listening but not hearing thing unless it’s repeated by a third party – is it a guy thing? It made me laugh in our first antenatal class when the teacher told the class that women experience heartburn and shortness of breath because the baby is taking up space where lungs and stomach usually sit. DH turns to me and says in a knowledgeable way “That must be why you are getting heartburn and can’t breath”. Of course, I had already told him exactly that, but as expected, my words vaporised in the air before they could reach his brain. I can only imagine that I must speak at a frequency that he can’t actually hear. Anyways, he is as horrified as I am by the videos (we saw a hospital birth video – rather, I was late and he watched it – and a C-section video). Maybe more so since he has been way more solicitous and conscientious about stuff that is getting harder for me to do (like bending down). The C-section vid showed the epidural needle and how it goes in…. and we were given a demonstration how this massive needle sort of gets worked and wiggled into the epidural space in the spine. Knowledge is power and all that… but in this case I think I could have done without all the visuals. Understanding how the process works and what to expect is great, but yeurgh. There are some things I would be totally okay with never seeing.

I had another appointment with the OBY before he heads off on hols next Friday. No scan today since I had one last week, but Blueberry is still doing well, wriggling and in the right position (clever girl!). I also had to get my HK ID card sorted this morning and headed to the Immigration Tower in Wan Chai.

Really very efficient, I was in and out in less than an hour. Got thumb printed, photo taken, interviewed and assessed (which wasn’t much more than them double checking my thumb print). It was next to the law courts, so I also got to see silks! Afterwards was a quick trip to Holly Brown’s for the weekly knitting meet up.

Time to make dinner (have a yen for greek salad) and wait for the arrival of our weekend guest – my childhood friend Cam, who I haven’t seen in like more than a decade, is coming to Hong Kong to visit. Good times. 🙂

Oh and if you are thinking about joining this year’s Knit Love Club – now’s your last chance! Sign ups close at midnight GMT on Sunday 15 January. More details here.