Macau Memories

We made a quick trip to Macau last week. I have to validate my Hong Kong visa, and to do that I had to leave the HK SAR. We decided we’d head to Macau for lunch at Fernando’s, a popular place for Macanese food. Last I’d been there was in early ’96 – a long time ago so I barely remembered the place, other than it being off a quiet side road.  It’s no longer a quiet side road but a rather busy area with a large parking lot and some shops next door.

As it’s incredibly popular, we were sent to wait for our table in the beer garden, or rather, sangria garden, with picnic tables and an open bar where David got us a pitcher of sangria, some grilled chorizo and olives.  A very civilised way to wait for our table. I can imagine it being a lovely place to hang out with friends in the warmer months.  We thankfully didn’t have to wait too long to be seated as we arrived just as the lunchtime crowd were finishing up and heading off.   We had grilled sardines, a really simple green salad with incredibly tasty beef steak tomatoes (where on earth did they get them I wonder? I haven’t had such yummy beef steak tomatoes in a very long time), grilled suckling pig, and crusty fluffy bread rolls.  We hopped the restaurant’s own taxi back to the ferry terminal and were back at home by dinner time.

Next admin task is to get my Hong Kong ID card, though I only have to go to Wan Chai so not quite as exotic as Macau!

The past week I’ve been trying my hand at caramels. My friend C loves (and I mean LOVES, with a bordeline obsessive passion) salted caramels and I suddenly had an urge to have some myself.

So I did a bit of research and settled on a David Lebovitz recipe where he caramelizes the sugars first to pretty much the hard crack stage, I assume to get the requisite depth of flavour, before adding the cream and butter and then heating the mixture up to a firm ball stage. So armed with sugar and corn syrup, I got to boiling.

I heated the second phase too long and ended up with toffee… tasty but quite hard.

As neither DH nor I are big fans of toffee, I decided to put it to better use by melting it down with cream to use in millionaire’s shortbread.

Very yummy – am quite pleased with the results. But I still yen for salted caramel so will give that another go today or tomorrow.