Hopscotch Socks & Soak

Three pieces of news

The first is that the Hopscotch Socks pattern by Anna Bell is available in the Socktopus Pattern Shop.  It’s a great pattern using a slip stitch cable. Awesome with variegated yarns as well as solids.


Second – you might remember me mentioning I had some news I was waiting to finalise before announcing.  Well it’s official now –  meet the new National Account Manager UK for Soak Wash! Yeeeppee. So excited. Soak is such an awesome product and I’m really excited to be working with Jacqueline & Chris from Soak. So if you have a local yarn shop that needs some SOAK (or if you have a shop you think should carry SOAK) then leave me a comment with the name of the shop or your contact details.

Three – I started my first day at All the Fun of the Fair yesterday.  If you haven’t been, it’s in Carnaby Street, just off Regent Street, in Kingly Court.  Kingly Court has three levels of funky shops, and a courtyard in the middle.

All the Fun of the Fair is on the top level, next to the Walk in Backrub shop and Triyoga.

All the Fun of the Fair

Triyoga Soho

Courtyard where I saw Hare Krishnas dancing

There were Hare Krishnas dancing, and some Eastender actors that visited on Tuesday. The actors visited the shop, the Hare Krishnas just danced through the courtyard on the ground floor.

C'mon in!

It’s a cute little shop – there is yarn – both the cheap and cheerful for those just wanting to start out, and the more luxurious and quirky like indie dyers or Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop yarn. Lots of great haberdashery supplies – vintage buttons, iron on patches, ribbons, handmade tags for your knitting. Kind of like an Aladdin’s cave of delights.. if Aladdin happened to be heavy into hand crafts.


Oh I guess I have four – I got stopped by the cops today!  Walking along, minding my own business, and a cop stops me to ask me 1) what business I have in the area – eg do I live there, and 2) to see my id.  Well, given that I know that cops cannot just randomly stop people – they have to have a reason, and they have to tell you that reason – seeing as the policeman wouldn’t give me a reason, other than to say I sounded defensive when he asked me if I lived in the area (I asked him if he was serious), I called the local police station to lodge a complaint.

I was dressed, admittedly, a little scruffy but hey, I don’t look like a vagrant, delinquent or crack head (at least I hope I don’t). I wash and I brush my teeth.  Occasionally I brush my hair (it’s ramrod straight and doesn’t really tangle so, well, I don’t brush alot).  I was carrying my Socktopus tote bag, with a big ball of yarn on it.  I was listening to my ipod (Harry Potter, for the zillionth time. I like listening to Stephen Fry. He’s a great story teller and a fab mimic).  Really, I am not, nor do I look like, a threatening, violent criminal.

So being stopped by a cop for me was quite disturbing.  Was it because I was wearing a puffer jacket (with a big Cambridge emblem emblazoned on the chest)? Was it because I am Chinese – did he think I was an illegal immigrant heading to my illegal job along Chelsea Embankment?  Did he think I was a local drug lord out to make a transaction?  Who knows, he never told me despite being asked point blank why he stopped me.

Afterwards I felt very indignant.  Surely they have better things to do with their time than to ask a 5’4″ Chinese girl, strolling by the river in broad daylight on Chelsea Embankment what she is doing with her time?  And see my id? The UK is one country where no one carries id on them.  You don’t even need to keep your drivers licence on you when you’re driving. If you are stopped, you only need to show up at the police station within a given time period with your licence.  Besides – really, surely if I am strolling along minding my own business, why is that the police’s business if they have no cause to question me?  It really does make me worry that the police do not understand or respect the scope of their own powers.  Even when I called the police station, the first person I spoke with was rather gruff with me and told me that the police have the right to stop anyone they want.  I questioned this and he told me he would pass me to someone who could confirm.  I was passed to Chris, who confirmed after referring to his superiors, that the police could not stop anyone they wanted, they could only stop someone with cause, and they have to tell you why they are stopping you if they do.  Harumph.  Seriously, the police should know their own powers better than the average joe, and the fact that they do not seem to is very worrying.

Right- enough brow furrowing. Here’s a poster I saw in the tube at Earl’s Court.  I did a double take.  Maybe you should too?


10 thoughts on “Hopscotch Socks & Soak

  1. Wow ! I am glad you were strong and voiced , they really need to learn some good lessons in this issue . Did they apologized ? Do you feel ok now ?

  2. A, congratulations on your new position!

    Too bad I wasn’t stuck in London this last week. I would have kicked that cops a**! Or at least I would have talked like that after he had left.

  3. Well welcome to the State of Arizona (probably in the next few weeks!). Can you believe that their governor will soon be signing a law that will allow police to stop those they ‘think’ are illegal to check for verification?

    Anyways, there was a big discussion on my favorite left-leaning station where the host (who is liberal) thinks it is a reasonable law; others called in saying they didn’t agree. He then narrowed it down to: “Well, most of you seem to think it is the ENFORCEMENT that will be the problem. So do you oppose the law or is it a problem with the way it will be enforced?” Guess what? Cops do and will abuse their power!

    Overall, I think well of people and the general good of mankind. But when it comes to law enforcement and after seeing so many abuses of power (e.g., Oscar Grant who was shot by a BART cop on NY Eve over a year ago for no apparent reason-oh! WAIT! Messerle (the cop) got his GUN confused w/his TASER!!!) I just kind of lack faith in those who are charged to enforce the law!

    So…nice, long post, huh? Sorry he had to deal with that. I’m just glad that the cop didn’t decide to taser you or maybe I’d be sending a sympathy message to your family!


  4. Congrats – A with the new SOAK relationship!!! Well done!
    Be sure to ignore stupid police people…..most likely poorly trained on something new that day and it did not work at all.

  5. Yay SOAK and yay All the Fun of the Fair, which I got to visit in person for the first time on Saturday, when I was in London for a brief visit. ((-:= Major boo to officious people who like to intimidate (or try to intimidate) other people into doing things by pretending they have powers they don’t actually possess. So, well done you for standing up to this twit. Speaking as an Australian who lives in Germany – where you DO have to carry ID papers all the time, by law, but the authorities refuse to issue such ID (Ausweis) to “foreigners” who live here – being e.g. taken off the train by up to 5 officials in front of everyone because I am not carrying ID with an address (passports don’t have addresses) is beyond irritating and right into “outrageous”. Apart from all the audience in the train, who do the “they”-wouldn’t-take-her-away-if-she-hadn’t-done-something-serious act, I hate being marched to the police station to prove who I am and where I live. What kind of way is that to treat anyone who hasn’t committed any kind of breach or offence?! If only I could win a car and travel that way instead, at least the humiliation factor would be drastically reduced when this demand-for-ID-I-cannot-get thing happens again and again…

  6. Hi alice, what was that silly PC after…? Did he just let you go without a reason for stopping you? Strange…

    Well done on your new job in the yummy looking shop and the SOAK job too, you busy bee!

    • Very weird. Totally not in line with procedure! Oh well. Maybe he doesn’t like lone 5’4″ women wandering on chelsea embankment. We must be some kind of super secret security risk!

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